I’m Laurie, an avid slow jogger who covers small amounts of distances. I live in the Bay Area where I read, write, do trapeze, aerial yoga, trim my own bangs, and defend pop stars.

This blog began in early 2014 as a place for Laurie to discuss issues pertaining to Laurie. It has since grown to include ramblings about adulthood, creativity, productivity, pop culture, art, travel, and occasional musings and advice from my personal and professional life.

More seriously (yawn), I love to spread words and ideas that hit on people’s emotional nerve and funny bone. I dropped out of college twice to pursue a more authentic path of life-long learning. I’ve worked for various brands and non-profits doing copywriting, event planning, and marketing. I now work for Praxis, a one-year startup apprenticeship program for young people who want more than college.

Click here to see my copywriting portfolio. Click here for my LinkedIn profile.

On the rare occasion I’m not hunched over a laptop screen, I enjoy eating copious amounts of Mexican food, flying in the circus, practicing modern calligraphy, and discussing the latest Kardashian news.