The Best Customer Service I Ever Received

Sometimes you experience customer service that is so ridiculously good it’s still in your brain 4 months later and you have to write about it. This is an appreciation post for the hostess at Serious Pie in Seattle, Washington.

We had a party of three and a fourth friend who was a maybe, who turned into a no, who turned into a yes. By the time her situation was figured out, the seat she was originally going to occupy had been filled (cafeteria-style seating).

We understood. We were being pretty flaky. When our friend showed up, we scarfed down our delicious pizza, paid the bill, and walked a couple blocks over to another restaurant to eat with her.

When we finished up our second meal at this restaurant, our waitress came over and asked us if we all just ate at Serious Pie. We said yes, and she said, “This is for you,” motioning to a plated up chocolate dessert that she placed on our table. She said the hostess at Serious Pie called her up and asked her to give us free dessert.

The hostess who seated us apparently felt so terrible about what happened, that she somehow tracked us down and figured out what restaurant we were at so she could buy us dessert.

The level of creepy detective work went into her scheme is really impressive. Plus, we already paid our bill and the $15 minimum wage in Seattle prohibited us from tipping her, so she was literally getting nothing out of it.

We left a glowing review online and if I’m ever back in Seattle I’ll definitely return to Serious Pie. Everyone working in a customer-facing role should aspire to this hostess’s level of stalkerish customer service.

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