2 Months of Being Vegan

I decided to go vegan nearly 2 months ago. Despite repetitive questioning and the need to justify my decision, I’m loving it. I know becoming a vegan seems like a trendy choice to be more like socially conscious celebrities, but I swear I’m doing it for reasons other than my life goal to be as much like Miley Cyrus as possible.

I’m more energized, I don’t feel like shit after eating a meal, my skin has improved, and I have less muscle pain because of eating unprocessed foods and healthy carbohydrates like sourdough bread, quinoa and whole, and oats. I feel lighter, more agile, and less stressed about my diet.

The switch was surprisingly really, really easy. I expected it to be a difficult transition that would cause me some initial deficiencies or intense cravings, but that didn’t happen. It was easy to find meat and cheese alternatives and plant-based proteins at most grocery stores. It didn’t require hours of cooking complicated meals. I didn’t find myself reaching for my housemates’ pizza or smuggling fried chicken into my room. My meals were better than any non-vegan meals I had made in the past (I made bomb vegan Thanksgiving food). I didn’t crave meat, despite previously visiting Wingstop multiple times a week (seriously, ask my lifelong friends who have seen me eat so many buffalo wings that they have a chicken wing emoji next to my name in their phones).

I think people who sometimes take offense when they find out I went vegan see it as an attack against their own meat-eating and feel the need to question me to see if I’m going to subtly judge them or speak down to them. There’s a stereotype that vegans do nothing but talk about being vegan, so I’m trying to avoid that.

For me, although I’ve enjoyed the experience so far and would recommend veganism to those who asked, I am not eager to convert anyone and I don’t necessarily get very excited to talk about it too heavily. In general, I’ve never enjoyed feeling like I’m forcing any of my lifestyle choices on others, but especially when it comes to food. I’ve always gotten physically frustrated when I see others preaching about why their way is the best way.

If you ask me, I’m happy to tell you. But beyond that, my decision to go vegan and make Miley Cyrus proud of me has nothing to do with you.

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