I’m not much of a calculated goal-setter. I typically have 1 or 2 life goals at a time and focus on those until I accomplish them. I don’t like to look too far into the future and I’m kind of afraid of ambition. Bucket lists always seemed daunting and intangible to me. However, you are the sum of your experiences, so why wouldn’t you want to set goals to accomplish new fulfilling life experiences? Jackson Sullivan recently wrote on his blog,

“I used to be negative and I believed I couldn’t do things. Now I’m cured of that crippling illness and I can do anything. I used to settle for what’s possible, feasible, or “realistic.” Boring. Now I chase the challenging, the insane, and the impossible.

This is my list of impossible things. It’s a bucket list on steroids. Actually, it’s not really a bucket list at all. Bucket lists are dumb lists of “things to do before you die.” An impossible list is constantly changing and evolving and every time you check something off your impossible list, you should add even more. Bucket lists seem far away; impossible lists are now.”

So, here’s to making goals and writing lists and living life to the fullest. Below is my ever-evolving, incredibly unrealistic and swanky Impossible List.


  • Be a mentor to someone
  • Share my testimony of a personal struggle and drastically change or improve someone’s life who is going through the same thing
  • Learn another language
  • Learn sign language
  • Adopt my own puppy and raise it and travel around the world with it
  • Get back into playing the French horn. Buy my own French horn and learn the piano.


  • Master the flying high trapeze with no harness
  • Regain my flexibility and do the splits
  • Do a pull-up | 10 pull-ups | 20 pull-ups | infinite pull-ups
  • Learn archery


  • Travel to all 7 continents (North America ✓, Europe ✓)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go on a spontaneous trip and fly to a random city with no itinerary
  • Live in a different country for 6 months
  • Go on a road trip from one U.S. coast to the other

Entrepreneurship Goals

  • Open my own trapeze school on a tropical island
  • Write a TV or movie script
  • Get that TV show or movie made
  • Become knowledgeable enough about something to write a book about it and then write that book
  • Get a writing piece published in a famous publication like Vanity Fair
  • Film a viral video
  • Work for/produce/write for a talk show
  • Public speak in front of 1,000+ people
  • Start my own YouTube channel
  • Get interviewed by Howard Stern

Thrills and Adventure

  • Go water skiing
  • Learn how to surf
  • Go paragliding
  • Go parasailing
  • Go on one of those water jet pack things
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Go cliff diving in Hawaii


  • Own a jet ski
  • Own a boat
  • Own a motorcycle
  • Have a really nice bathroom with a huge shower and a luxurious bathtub


  • Attend a Hollywood award show
  • Drive over 175mph
  • Perform something onstage completely solo for an audience
  • Take improv classes
  • Shoplift
  • Get a tattoo
  • Cut off my own hair
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Fly in a helicopter

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