Unpopular Opinions

There is a popular trend circulating my Facebook feed right now, where people are sharing 10 of their unpopular, non-political opinions. Here are mine!

1. I don’t think enjoying reality TV is a symptom of being stupid.

2. High heels are terrible and cruel and should never be worn.

3. College is almost always a waste of time and money. Do something original with your life. There’s nothing valuable about a college education. Get off your ass and be an adult.

4. Halloween is the worst holiday and only children should participate. Adults playing dress up and wearing fake blood look pitiful and sad.

5. Burgers, soda, sweet potatoes, and wine are all gross.

6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a very good show. Kris Jenner is hilarious and inspiring. Kourtney’s smug, monotone voice gives me life. Kim’s maternal nature warms my heart. Khloe’s sassy antics are amusing.

7. Tampons are a lot of fun and sometimes they make me look forward to my period. They come in a variety of pretty colors and Kotex applicators make the fun “click” sound that is really addicting.

8. Bodies are just bodies. Self-love is important, but celebrating your body is stupid. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. My stretch marks are not “tiger stripes” that I have earned. My scars are not “battle trophies.” My crooked teeth are not special and beautiful. My body gets me from Point A to Point B and while I should take care of its health and well-being, I’m not going to celebrate it with cute self-affirmations.

9. Lost was a very good show with a solid ending and I will fight anybody who tries to criticize it.

10. The majority of men don’t know how to dress themselves properly. Eliminate all neon colors, flip flops, cargo shorts, casual vests, shutter shades, boot-cut jeans, socks with sandals, ill-fitting suits, golf attire, and deep v-necks.

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