Brain Vomit

I have too much I have to do right now that is more important to me than this blog, so maybe if I sift out some of my thoughts and dump them here, there will be more room in my brain? I have a massive headache, and while I don’t know if it’s directly related to stress, I’m using this blog as my medicine. Or rather, an external hard drive. Below are some of my thoughts that I currently don’t have room for in the main cabin of my head.

  • The harder I work, the more disastrous my room becomes. My sheet is a crumpled ball at the end of my bed and my floor is scattered with headphones, pieces of embroidery floss, empty water bottles, unopened mail, a single dollar bill, and those horrible cardstock inserts from magazines. Cleaning would be an easy solution to this, but every time I clean I feel way too proud of myself after I’m done to do anything else for the rest of the day. Also movement hurts.
  • I don’t think I’ve spoken to a human being all day. I answered a phone call and I think I said “plastic is fine” to the woman at Publix, but other than that I’ve done a great job of playing Hermit Recluse Apparition Hobo for the past twelve hours.
  • I have to get my oil changed and my tires filled and pack up everything I own into my car by next weekend and schedule Goodwill to come pick up my furniture and wash this mop that was once my hair before an army of flies surrounds me like the kid from Charlie Brown.
  • Did I eat anything that grew out of the ground today? At all?

That actually sort of helped. The throbbing pain in my head is still there, but it has decreased from being a Volcano of Eye-Squinting Pain all the way down to Irish-Dancer-Bouncing-on-My-Brain. I apologize for being a disjointed mess of thought vomit.

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