Although I’m tired of seeing articles about introverts that are structured exactly like manuals on how to care for a hamster, I do think it’s interesting the vastly different ways in which people derive their energy. Also, I buy into astrology and personality quizzes because I’m obsessed with myself.

But I love being alone. It fills me up. I would live a new city every year if I could, because I am drawn in by the mystery of a new place where I am completely anonymous. It allows you to live by your own itinerary. When you’re alone you can meet new people and have conversations that you would have never had if you were with other people. Or you can be a recluse and sit in a corner on your phone while avoiding eye contact with everyone. There’s nothing wrong with you if your default position in life is to spend time alone.

Reasons why “you’re so quiet” is annoying as hell:

  • Gossip constitutes 70% of human conversation
  • Silence is wonderful
  • I’m not just going to talk for the sake of talking
  • Even if I’m quiet, I feel like at my core I’m somewhat friendly and self-aware
  • Social “barriers” mean nothing to me
  • I’m involved in my inner world more so than the external one
  • I don’t like people knowing my shit

There are people who say, “Kids aren’t being social nowadays because of those brain washing phones.” What the f*ck do you think we’re doing with the phones? Do you think we just stare at the number pad? Do you think Twitter is just a oneway text from a robot bird? Do not let adults steal this generation from you. Relish in selfies. Snapchat pictures of food to your friends. Huddle around an iPhone to watch Vines. Shamelessly love modern commodities in the same way our parents loved their commodities, like disco or Hammer Pants or whatever. Do not let angry adults take away your chance to experience the uniqueness of right now.

My train of thought has derailed and caught on fire and now Anastasia is fleeing from it – where was I? Nowhere? Perfect.

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